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6 Things to look for when choosing your Newborn Photographer

Newborn, Baby & Family Studio

There are plenty of "Photographers" around these days. Varying in skill, qualification, knowledge, style and subject matter. All of which can call themselves "professional Photographers". So how do you find the right one for you?

What I'm about to share are just some of the more important things to look for when trying to find your Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer! (in my opinion!)


Do your research

This does go without saying, but a great place to start is by asking your friends, your extended family, work colleagues. Please don't ask a Facebook group, because it's likely you'll be disappointed with what/ who is suggested. Most 'photographers' who are found through Facebook groups are missing some key safety items which I'll expand on in later points. But also its more about a quick buck than creating an experience and beautiful family heirloom pieces.


Does the photographer prioritise the safety of your Newborn baby and your family?

This should really be the number one point. You are handing you precious, brand new baby who you have created, carried and brought into the world over to essentially a stranger who you have likely only spoken to over the phone.

Now that is a very blunt way to look at it, but I encourage you to make sure you investigate the photographer you are looking at hiring. For example Chance Photographics holds the safety of all clients but particularly newborns very high. below are some of the important areas Chance Photographics has covered and any photographer you hire should also cover:

  • Accredited in newborn safety

  • Trained in CPR & First Aid

  • Has Public Liability Insurance

  • Vaccinated for Flu, Covid-19 & Whooping Cough

  • The Photographer will have an assistant or parent assist me when posing babies in some positions to ensure safety.

  • Babies will only be posed in positions they are comfortable in, these will depend on the way they entered the world, the way they are feeding and if they have any injuries or individual needs.

  • Babies are never left unattended or out of arms reach.

  • Sessions are postponed in the event the photographer or client is unwell.

  • All Props, blankets,wraps and outfits are washed after every session

  • The studio is cleaned in between every session

  • Hand Sanitiser is used throughout the session

  • The Photographer will wear a mask though the entire session, Parents may also be asked to wear a mask under certain circumstances.

Please be aware that some images you see out there are not straight shot in camera poses. They are 2 or more images put together. For example:


Style & Specialty

Now, on to a lighter note. Style! of course you need to look at the photographers style and see if it's what you like! Each photographer will have some sort of style about them, look through their galleries, their Facebook and instagram and see if you generally like what they do.

Most photographers will post a sneak peak of their clients session on social media which is generally 1-3 images over a few days.

Is the style they specialise in posed or life style? or both? what are you looking for? The more posed shots are generally studio sessions with babies on blankets or in props that they have been posed in. Life style in the studio is also possible and they are more natural movement shots - baby stretching and yawning etc. Along with the fresh 48 session style held in hospital environments.

Budget / Your Investment

What is your budget?

As stated earlier, you can find photographers with varying skills, knowledge and qualifications but with all that has been said in the above points with regards to safety, what are you wanting/ willing to pay for this service?

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a quick in and out shoot I encourage you to look for a shoot and sell photographer because they are probably going to be more in your price range.

If you are looking for the whole experience where you are guided through from initial booking, assistance with what to wear, what to do, what suits your home through to your final portraits on you walls in your home then you are looking for that boutique experience, where you're not just a number and they have most if not all the above safety measures in place.

Fees/ Payments

Speaking of Budgets, what are the fees?, are there any hidden extras? What does the initial booking fee cover? Does retouching cost extra? do I get digital files?

You have every right to ask this up front and get the full picture of what you are looking at investing into the portrait session.

Payment wise, there are loads of options for businesses to offer to their clients to assist with getting the perfect keepsakes suited to each client without taking away your weekly grocery money for the week!

From Afterpay, to in house lay-by to interest fee payment plans, check out what options are offered as there's a good chance you'll fall in love with your beautiful images and want them all!

Customer service

I hear so many stories on community pages and various other outlets about photographers that have taken weeks to edit, or they are yet to see any images months later, or they can't get in contact with the photographer at all.

This is a hard one to see from the start, before your session but just make sure you are hearing from your photographer, right from your first contact you should be hearing from them more than the initial call. They are wanting your business, they want to photograph families - that's what they do! After your session you should expect to arrange a viewing or get an idea when your gallery of images will be ready. If this time frame has been exceeded, you should have already heard from them, if not contact them.

There's one thing I can guarantee about Chance Photographics is the service, we always get in touch and get back to our clients within the day or 2 days at worst. Any concerns are dealt with and not avoided.

We love our clients and want to see them again and again so we make sure they are looked after from the get go.

I hope you have enjoyed having a read though the above points, if you'd like more information about booking with Chance Photographics please get in touch via email or Phone today!

Thanks for reading

Claire xx

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